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Palladian Ensemble

 Mathew Locke 'Saraband' from A Choice Collection

  John Weldon 'Two in One upon a Ground' from A Choice Collection

 Barsanti arr. Palladian Ensemble 'The Lass of Peatie's Mill' from Held by the Ears

 Trad. arr. Palladian Ensemble 'Bonny Christie' from Held by the Ears

 Nicola Matteis 'prestissimo' from Held by the Ears'


  • Tracks from The London Collection (August 2008 re-release of A Choice Collection and Held by the Ears).


Listen to/buy clips of all 10 Palladian Ensemble albums/re-releases at LINN Records

Pamela was proud to be a member of the Palladian Ensemble from her student days at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama until Spring 2007.


1. An Excess of Pleasure CKD 010 (Matteis, Purcell, Geminiani)

2. The Winged Lion CKD 015 (Vivaldi, Castello, Turini, Cavalli)

Musicians - Pamela Thorby rec, Rachel Podger vin, 
Joanne Levine viol/cello,
William Carter theorbo/archlute/guitar


3. Bach Trio Sonatas CKD 036 

4. A Choice Collection (Music of Purcell’s London)

5. Trios for 4 CKD 041 (Handel, Telemann, Leclair, Quantz)

6. Les Saisons Amusantes CKD 070 (Vivaldi arr. Chedeville)

7. The Sun King’s Paradise CKD100 (Marais, Rebel, Couperin)

8. Held By The Ears CKD 126 or CKD 168 (Matteis, Scots trad.)

- Palladian Ensemble Box set (Trios for 4/Les Saisons Amusantes/The Sun King’s Paradise) CKD 249

Musicians - Pamela Thorby rec, 
Rachel Podger vin, 
Susanne Heinrich viola da gamba, 
William Carter theorbo/archlute/guitar


9. Les Elemens CKD 221 (Marais and Rebel)

10. Bach Sonatas and Chorales CKD 275

Musicians - 
Pamela Thorbyrec, 
Rodolfo Richter vin, 
Susanne Heinrich viola da gamba, 
William Carter theorbo/archlute/guitar

 Five Diapason d'Or Awards (1993, 1994, 1998, 1999, 2000)

"Four performers with techniques so finely honed that they can communicate carefree abandon as readily as the profoundest passion." BBC Music Magazine

"...the Palladian Ensemble are a group whose quick-witted inventiveness and almost supernatural internal rapport never fail to delight, whatever the music." Gramophone Magazine

"The music making is gratifyingly direct - gripping, animated, and sometimes positively visceral." International Record Review