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Karl Jenkins

Karl Jenkins albums with Pamela as a featured instrumentalist:

Imagined Oceans:
Sony Classical SK60668.

Adiemus - Songs of Sanctuary:
Standard European edition:. Virgin/EMI CDVE925
Limited Edition/Gold CD: Virgin/EMI CDVEX925
Japanese Edition: Adiemus, Virgin/Emi Japan VJCP-25180.

Adiemus II -Cantata Mundi:
Standard European edition: Virgin Venture/EMI CDVE932
USA edition: Sony Classical SK60282
Limited Edition/Gold CD: Virgin/EMI CDVEX932.
Japanese Edition: Virgin/EMI Japan VJCP-25257.

Adiemus III -Dances of Time:
Standard European edition: EMI/Virgin CDVE940.
Japanese Special Edition (2-CD): Virgin/EMI Japan VJCP-68025 26.

Adiemus IV -The Eternal Knot:
Standard European Edition EMI/Virgin CDVE952.
Japanese Edition EMI/Virgin Japan VJCP-68230

Adiemus Live (Standard European/US Edition): EMI/Virgin CDVE960.

Adiemus V -Vocalise:
Standard European/US EditionEMI/Virgin 724355765024
Japanese Edition: EMI/Virgin Japan VJCP-68576

The Best Of Adiemus –The Journey:
Standard European Edition EMI/Virgin CDVE946.
Japanese Edition: EMI/Virgin Japan VJCP-68177.

The Essential Adiemus (re-release of The Best Of Adiemus –The Journey):
EMI/Virgin 5821012

More Journey… Adiemus New Best & Live (Japan only, 2-CD!)
EMI/Virgin Japan VJCP-68372-73

Karl Jenkins & Adiemus –The Essential Collection:
European Edition: EMI Classics 094635324426.


More information for Adiemus singles as well as various album pressings missing from this list can be found here: